Legacy of the Green Regent

There are few places in Faerûn like the Delimbiyr Crescent. The Harpers whisper that the entire region is a favored haunt of the goddess Mielikki, while the guildmasters of Waterdeep covet the abundant resources that flow down the River Shining. The vale is the verdant crown of the north, at its centerpiece glimmers Loudwater, the City of Grottos, a luxuriant paradise where the triumphs of Western Heartlands civilization intermesh seamlessly with the beauty of the wild North.

But as the cynic warns, every paradise has its serpents.

Mielikki’s blessed share the fertile valley with the forces of the Black Network, and though there is a declared promise of peace between Loudwater and Llork, no one believes the Oath of Orlbar will confine the Zhentarim forever. A wererat bandit lord named the Hark plagues the road to Secomber, and after almost a decade of light raids, the Hark’s brood attacks with renewed ferocity. In late spring, the orcs of the High Forest started migrating en masse out of the forest, heading east toward the Greypeak Mountains, creating a situation that has shocked the residence of Loudwater. Some guess the orcs were spooked by the floating City of Shade appearing over the Dire Wood, while others speculate both may be symptoms of the same disease infecting that cursed wood. Either way, their migration has already put a strange orc taint on the region.

It is just after Shieldmeet, the year of Wild Magic. The Delimbiyr valley is a land full of magic, intrigue, and danger, and soon your character will put its own mark on its history.

Legacy of the Green Regent

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