Hillsfar Faction-specific Downtime Activities

Rage of Demons Rank 3 Downtime Activities

Members of the five factions who have achieved rank 3 have access to the following special downtime activities when adventuring in and around Hillsfar and in the Underdark beneath the city.

Harpers—Mental Fortitude

You are a Brightcandle of the Harpers. Under the tutelage of your faction-mates in Elventree, you have learned the secrets of healing the mind. If you are afflicted with any type of madness, you can spend one downtime day to reduce your madness level by 1, and to cure any short-term madness or long-term madness that afflicts you. You can do the same for allies, but the cost is three downtime days per ally cured. You cannot use this benefit to cure indefinite madness, and you cannot reduce your madness level to 0 if you are afflicted with indefinite madness.

Order of the Gauntlet—Investiture of the Divine

You are a Whitehawk in the Order of the Gauntlet, and have been a participant in prayer circles and rites to combat the demons spilling from the Underdark. You can spend ten downtime days to gain an investiture of the divine that lasts until your next long rest. While your investiture is active, you can use
a bonus action on each of your turns to grant you or an ally within 30 feet of you the ability to bypass damage resistances on the next attack made against a demon. This benefit does not bypass a demon’s immunities.

Emerald Enclave—Madness Ward

You are an Autumnreaver of the Emerald Enclave, and know that the madness creeping to the surface world from the depths of the Underdark is wholly unnatural. By performing cleansing rituals and warding areas where demonic madness has been seen or felt, you and your companions can bolster your resistance to that madness. For each downtime day you spend, you can grant yourself or an ally a madness ward that lasts until your next long rest. A creature with this madness ward can use a reaction to gain advantage on a saving throw against madness. A character can have only one madness
ward active at a time.

Lords’ Alliance—Rally the Troops

You are a Stingblade of the Lords’ Alliance, dedicated to helping the common folk stand strong against the demonic influences pouring forth from the Underdark. By spending ten downtime days to rally the locals—whether surface dwellers or Underdark denizens—you can call three bandits (see appendix B of
the Monster Manual) to your assistance. By spending fifteen downtime days, you can rally three bandits and one bandit captain to your aid. These allies perform any tasks within reason and capability, but they part ways with you after taking part in one combat or at the end of the adventure, whichever comes first. If things are looking grim and you do not already have these allies (and have not already called them during the current adventure), you can use a bonus action to spend an additional five downtime days (for a total of fifteen or twenty downtime days) and have these allies immediately show up in a place of the Dungeon Master’s choosing.


You are a Viper of the Zhentarim, and are adept at slithering your way into advantageous positions. Despite the Red Plumes’ grip on trade in the region and the chaos spreading as a result of madness in
the Underdark, you are in a perfect position to profit. While you adventure, you are able collect valuables without the other party members’ knowledge, then sell those valuables at a later date. For each ten downtime days you spend before an adventure, increase your gold rewards from the adventure by 10 percent, up to a maximum of 50 percent for that adventure.

Hillsfar Faction-specific Downtime Activities

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