Magic Items

Permanent Magic Item Distribution:

D&D Adventurers League has a system in place to determine who is awarded permanent magic items at the end of a session. Each character’s logsheet contains a column to record permanent magic items for ease of reference. Follow these steps to determine how to distribute permanent magic items:

  1. If all the players at the table agree on one character taking possession of a permanent magic item, that character gets the item.
  2. In the event that one or more characters indicate an interest in possessing a permanent magic item, the character who possesses the fewest permanent magic items gets the item.
  3. If there is a tie in the total number of permanent magic items owned by contesting characters, the item’s owner is determined randomly by the DM.

Magic Item rules:

  • The Player’s Guide only permits trades of items of the same rarity. Magic item rarities are set forth in the DM Basic Rules and the Dungeon Master’s Guide (“DMG”). Where the printed rarity on a certificate differs from the rarity set forth in the Basic Rules or DMG, the rarity in the Basic Rules or DMG governs. Therefore, be sure to check those sources to verify the rarity of the items being traded before making a trade.
  • Consumable items with multiple uses count against your current magic item tally until used up, at which time can be removed (or crossed off) from the list.
  • Once you have claimed a permanent magic item, it counts against your permanent item tally from that point on. You can trade them with another player with like rarity of magic items on a one for one basis.
  • You do not “have” to or “need” to pick a magic item at the end of an adventure for your character. You can leave them on the table.
  • Permanent magic items and consumables can’t be sold.
  • The only magic item that can be purchased is a healing potion for 50 gold pieces.
  • Magic items can be loaned to other characters during an adventure, but must be given back at the end of the adventure.
  • Cursed magic items do count against your permanent magic item tally on your log sheet.
  • If a magic item becomes “broken” it still counts against your permanent item tally on your log sheet. It served you well while it was able to.
  • Magic items do not need to have a certificate. If an adventure has a magic item listed in the treasure portion of the published text, the DM can give it to the table to add to their characters. The Magic Item still must be added to the Character’s log sheet.


If you have a permanent magic item and it later gets changed through errata (and you have an issue with that change), you have a few choices in the matter:

  1. Continue to use the magic item.
  2. Trade it to another “if” it can be traded.
  3. If you can’t trade it, you can loan it out to other characters at the table for use but must take it back at the end of the adventure/episode.

Magic Items

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