Grand History of the Realms

The retail book Grand History of the Realms gives a timeline of the ancient history of Abeir-Toril from it’s creation to the beginning of the Spellplague. This section intends to pick up after that book to relay major recent events surrounding and following Mystra’s death, the Spellplague, and the Sundering.

There are occasional novel spoilers, but I have avoided any adventure spoilers.

The Adventurers League storylines occur during the 1490s.


FRCG: Forgotten Realms Campaign Guide (4th edition) [includes page number]
GHotR-M: Grand History of the Realms: The Moonsheas (web article)
TWY: Countdown to the Realms: Spellplague: The Wailing Years (web article)
BRJ: Brain R. James tweets
RPGA: RPGA Adventures (by adventure code)
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Novel: Published Realms novel (by name and pagenumber)

1374 DR (Year of Lightning Storms)
Tsarra ‘Autumfire’ Chaadren takes up the mantel of the Blackstaff, but hides under illusions of Khelben Arunsun. Blackstaff Tower 226

1375 DR (Year of Risen Elfkin)
The ancient leShay capital of Karador rises from the crystal clear waters of Myrloch. The fey queen Ordalf announces the rebirth of the Sarifal and declares herself High Lady over all the lands of Gwynneth. GHotM-M

1376 DR (Year of the Bent Blade)
The High One charges his pupil Flamsterd with retrieving Halaster’s soul-shards, scattered throughout Toril and beyond. BRJ

1377 DR (Year of the Haunting)
Captain Deudermont of the Sea Sprite breaks the stramngelhold of a collection of pirates over Luskan, and briefly serves as governor. His reign is short. FRCG 148

1379 DR (Year of the Lost Keep)
From holdings in Amn, Lionel Carrathal declares himself true High King of the Moonshaes; demands Alicia abdicate to him. BRJ

1380 DR (Year of the Blazing Hand)
Zhentarim Hatemaster, Cvaal Daoran, dissolves the Council of Ten and establishes himself as Lord Protector of Phlan. BRJ

1381 DR (Year of the Starving)
Master architect Ivor Devorast constructs a precision mechanical clock installed in the tallest tower of Marsember. BRJ
- Lord Protector Daoran initiates the restoration of Valjevo Castle and reconstruction of Phlan’s city walls. BRJ

1382 DR (Year of the Black Blazon)
Shadovar magic raises a five-hundred-foot wall of magically-hardened obsidian around Sembian controlled Daerlun. BRJ

1383 DR (Year of the Vindicated Warrior)
Netherese raze Zhentil Keep and the Citadel of the Raven* Fzoul Chembryl slain* Zhents divorce from Church of Bane. BRJ

1384 DR (Year of Three Streams Bloodied)
At the insistence of several members of Court and the young king, Azoun V is crowned King of Cormyr. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1385 DR (Year of Blue Fire)
The Spellplague: An unthinkable catastrophe ensues when Cyric, aided and abetted by Shar, murders Mystra in Dweomerheart. The plane itself disintegrates at once, destroying Savras and sending the gods Azuth and Velsharoon reeling into the endless Astral Sea. Without Mystra to govern the Weave, magic bursts its bonds all across Toril and the surrounding planes and runs wild. In Faerûn, this event is known as the Spellplague. Thousands of mages are driven insane or destroyed, and the very substance of the world becomes mutable beneath veils of azure fire that dance across the skies by night or by day. TWY, FRCG
Where once stood the realm of Sespech, the Golden Plains, and the Nagalands, the Spellplague reveals a surreal landscape breathtaking in its beauty, grandeur, and changeability. For the next century, active Spellplague cavorts on this territory called the Plaguewrought Lands, contorting terrain, natural law, and the flesh of any creature that dares enter. TWY
Cormyr is struck hard, but not so violently as many other nations. Roughly one third of all Wizards of War are slain, driven mad, or simply have gone missing in the year following Mystra’s death. TWY, Dragon #365 – Cormyr
The temple of Mystra in Harrowdale is destroyed when all the temple wards go haywire simultaneously, killing head priestess Llewan Aspenhold and most of her clergy. RPGA:DALE1-1 The Prospect
The Fall of Stars in Harrowdale is shrouded in a halo of blue flames for a full day, but otherwise seems untouched. RPGA: DALE1-1 The Prospect

??? DR (Year Unknown)
Stormstar Requiem: While the Spellplague rages, Talos leads the Gods of Fury in a surprise assault against Arvandor. BRJ
The first outbreak of the Spellplague is held at bay by Tsarra Blackstaff Chaadren. Blackstaff Tower 226
The second outbreak of the Spellplage in Waterdeep resurges from Undermountain and forces Tsarra to drop her disguise as Khelben Blackstaff. Blackstaff Tower 226

1386 DR (Year of the Halflings’ Lament)
A portion of Toril’s sibling world Abeir violently exchanges places with large sections of Chondath and western Chessenta. Displaced genasi from the Abeiran land of Shyr quickly set about creating a kingdom of their own. TWY
The former expanse of the Sea of Fallen Stars is altered when wide portions of the landscape collapse into the Underdark. When the sea level reaches its new equilibrium, the average drop in water level measured nearly 50 feet. The waters of the Vilhon Reach were similarly drained, uncovering several drowned ruins from ancient Jhaamdath. TWY
The shallow Gulph of Luiren is formed when the hin nation is swallowed up by the Great Sea. BRJ
The Arnrock erupted violently, wiping out the Quick Folk that had settled around the old crater. FRCG 145

1387 DR (Year of the Emerald Ermine)
The Emerald Enclave begins sending agents throughout the Vilhon Wilds to counter the effects of the Spellplague. As years became decades, their original mission is slowly perverted from one of respect for and guardianship of nature to a vain struggle against forces far beyond their control. TWY
An Abeiran mountain range made entirely of dense prismatic glass appears along the Northride, sealing off Shadow Gap. BRJ

1388 DR (Year of the Tanarukka)
Bullywugs tribes from the Farsea Marshes begin harrying Zhentarim forces operating throughout the Tunlands, diminishing Black Network activities in the region. TWY
Some members of Cormyr’s remaining War Wizards, having lost access to the Art, begin cross-training with the Purple Dragons in swordplay and martial defense. In years to come these swordmages will prove invaluable against neighboring aggression in the region. TWY
The Gundwynd line of Waterdeep nobility is ended as the Spellplague transforms the family into rampaging monstrosities. BRJ
Fiirnel’ther Vandree of House Vandree of Menzoberranzan assassinates her mother, Troken’ther, in order to assume leadership of her House. FRCG 231

1389 DR (Year of the Forgiven Foes)
A strangely angular black monolith is sometimes visible breaking above the waves along Cormyr’s coast, never in the same place twice. TWY

1390 DR (Year of the Walking Man)
Dowager Dragon Queen, Filfaeril Selazair Obarskyr, dies. TWY, Dragon #365 – Cormyr
Alusair attends the state funeral, argues briefly and privately with her nephew the king, and disappears altogether from Court. Rumors persist of her riding through the frontiers and borderlands, but no confirmed reports of her appearance exist following the burial of Filfaeril. TWY

1391 DR (Year of the Wrathful Eye)
The human druid Zalaznar Crinios, transformed into a mighty treant for his service to nature, takes hold of the druid circle in Cedarspoke. A lesser druid, able to take lion form and calling himself Firemane, rises to prominence in the same circle. TWY
The Eldreth Veluuthra, a militant group of human-despising elves, seize control of the Hullack Forest. FRCG 108
Auril assimilates the Winged Mother’s palace into her domain. Dragon #367 – Hall of the Frost Maiden

1392 DR (Year of the Scroll)
The Dragon Coast city of Pros petitions the Crown to become a vassal-state of Cormyr in order to protect it from the ravages of the Spellplague. Azoun V reluctantly accepts. By year’s end, Pros’ sister-town of Ilipur joins the Forest Kingdom as well. Unfortunately the receding waters of the Sea of Fallen Stars have spelled ruin for these small trading towns. TWY

1393 DR (Year of the Ring)
Sembian investors begin buying up land in the southern Dales. Concerned, Azoun V issues a formal objection to the Dale’s Council in Archendale but the King’s emissary is rebuffed. BRJ, TWY
Spellscarred beings and pilgrims hoping to obtain a spellscar begin journeying to the Plaguewrought Lands in large numbers. They are welcomed in Ormpetarr by the Order of Blue Fire. TWY

1394 DR (Year of Deaths Unmourned)
The Grand Cabal of the Emerald Enclave begins attempting to stem the tide of spellscarred pilgrims that pass through Turmish. TWY
Years of straining with their conflicted Sembian and Cormyrean identities, and struggling against the rule of Netheril, culminates in the annexation of the border city of Daerlun into the Forest Kingdom. TWY
A brief conflict between Cormyr and the Eldreth Veluuthra of the Hullack Forest breaks out, ending when King Azoun V turns his full attention to more pressing threats from neighboring Sembia and Netheril. FRCG 108

1395 DR (Year of Silent Death)
Sakkors, the Netherese floating enclave not seen since the days before the Spellplague, makes a reappearance over Daerlun in the dead of night. The following morning civil unrest breaks out throughout the city. Azoun V sends elite swordmages to restore order in the city. TWY
Urmlaspyr, considering allegiance to Cormyr, withdraws those plans when Sakkors enclave parks itself above the city. BRJ
Plaguebringer’s Blight – Sickness and pestilence spreads throughout the North, unleashed by the Putrescent Anathema. BRJ
The Putrescent Anathema was unleashed from Stump Bog to the northeast of Waterdeep to spread sickness and pestilence throughout the region, hitting the temple-farm of Goldenfields particularly hard. FRCG 194

1396 DR (Year of the Secret)
Marriage of King Azoun V of Cormyr to Nalara Marliir the daughter of Lord High Marshal Dauneth Marliir and Krystin Lhal. BRJ

1399 DR (Year of the Fallen Friends)
Caladnei, Mage Royal of Cormyr, finally succumbs to years-long struggle with Spellplague* succeeded by Laspeera Inthré. BRJ
Tsarra Blackstaff Chaadren, her heir and many of the Tel’Teukiira die fighting a coven of vampire-wizards of the Stump Bog. Kyriani Agrivar risks her sanity by bearing the Staff and the powers of the Blackstaff back to Waterdeep. Blackstaff 247
Kyriani Agrivar becomes Blackstaff. To acknowledge her legitimacy as the city’s archmage, she proclaims it from atop Blackstzaff Tower, with Open Lord Caladorn at her side. This form of proclamation of the inheritance to the titel of Blackstaff becomes tradition.Blackstaff Tower 258
Chessentan coinage, once unique to each city-state, is consolidated into a single currency under the reign of War Hero Ishual Karanok D#178 – Chessenta

1400 DR (Year of Lost Ships)
Krehlan “Blackstaff” Arunsun, son of Khelben Arunsun and Laeral Silverhand, assumes the role of Archmage of Waterdeep. BRJ
Sembia is fully absorbed into Netheril FRCG 176
The Alliance of Freesailors is formally disbanded. Ranks in Cormyr’s Imperial Navy swell. D#365 – Cormyr
Krehlan Arunsun becomes Blackstaff. Blackstaff Tower 258

1404 DR (Year of the Sceptered One)
Council of Five agrees to invade the Moonshae Isles. Caer Westphal is siezed and Snowdown Isle subjected to Amnian rule. BRJ

1407 DR (Year of the Halls Unhaunted)
Unexpected death of High Queen Alicia Kendrick. Carrathal loyalists ignite uprisings in Caer Corwell and Caer Callidyrr. BRJ

1408 DR (Year of the Solitary Cloister)
Lionel Carrathal claims the throne of Corwell in challenge to newly ascended High Queen Feithline Kendrick of Callidyrr. BRJ

1409 DR (Year of True Omens)
Refusing to swear allegiance to the unlawful High King, Carrathal orders hanging of Lord Aesun Koart in Corwell Square. BRJ
An epidemic ravages the metallic dragons of the Copper Mountains, with several survivors fleeing south. One, Skalnaedyr, becomes the first of the Dragon Princes of Murghom. FRCG 154
Foril Obarskyr, second son of Azoun V and Nalara Marliir, is born. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1411 DR (Year of the Wrathful Vizier)
Crown Princess Cymidei Carrathal leads massacre of all fey dwelling within Deachtere Wood southeast of Cantrev Dynnatt. BRJ

1412 DR (Year of the Dauntless Dwarves)
War erupts in the Moonshaes as High Lady Ordalf of Sarifal declares all non-fey settlers be driven from Gwynneth Isle BRJ
High Queen Feithline Kendrick orders a flotilla of swift carracks to Kingsbay to succor Ffolk evacuating Gwynneth. BRJ
Feithline’s armada, led by Admiral Felim Voel, are victorious over Amnian warships in the epic Sea Battle of Mog Goidel BRJ

1413 DR (Year of Sunken Vessels)
Lionel Carrathal flees as Caer Corwell is overrun by fey. Leviathan sends the king’s vessel to the bottom of Corwell Firth BRJ

1418 DR (Year of the Lords’ Coronation)
The Shadovar of Netheril ‘accidentally conquer’ Featherdale after years of Sembian investments into the dale. FRCG 108
Xenfyrth’s Abyss is discovered in Old Shanatar by an adventuring company, of which Xenfyrth is the sole survivor. FRCG 235

1420 DR (Year of the Dark Goddess)
Unable to subvert their neighbor as bloodlessly as Featherdale, Sembian mercenaries out of Yhaunn overrun Tasseldale. BRJ, FRCG 108

1421 DR (Year of the Walking Trees)
A Sembian mercenary army arrives in Chandler’s Cross, slaughtering many folk of the Scar and scattering the rest. BRJ

1422 DR (Year of the Walking Trees)
Battledale comes under heavy attack by forces from Netheril, forcing the evacuation of Essembra. FRCG 108
Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr move into High Dale to stave off Sembian advances upon their land. FRCG 108

1423 DR (Year of Thundering Hosts)
Velen secedes from Tethyr. FRCG 178
The volcano Mount Kolimnis in the central Aphrunn Mountains erupts, burying Gildenglade under hundreds of feet of ash and mud. FRCG 185

1424 DR (the Dog-Eared Journal)
Chartham Dellenvol kills Krehlan ‘Blackstaff’ Arunsun. Blackstaff Tower
(Ches) Ashemmon of Rymanthiin becomes Blackstaff. Blackstaff Tower 258

1425 DR (Year of Seven Sisters)
The Simbul is thought to have perished in the fire that destroyed the god Velsharoon. In truth, she survives in the Dalelands. FRCG 88
The age-old Dales Compact is reaffirmed with Myth Drannor and the Standing Stone is restored. FRCG 108

1428 DR (Year of the Elfqueen’s Joy)
The Seven Burghers of Harrowdale announce a formal alliance with Myth Drannor and rename the city New Velar. FRCG 108, BRJ

1430 DR (Year of Stalking Horrors)
Foril Obarskyr marries Jemra Rhindaun, niece to Queen Sybille of Tethyr. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1431 DR (Year of the Lashing Tail)
Crown prince Irvel Obarskyr is born. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1436 DR (Year of Silent Shadows)
Several Cormyrean cities bordering Netheril and Sembia are blanketed by an unnatural miasma, blocking out the sun. BRJ

1437 DR (Year of the Silent Flute)
Crown Prince Emvar dies in an ambush by Sembian forces south of the Vast Swamp. In the same month, queen Jemra is killed in a failed assassination attempt on the king. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1439 DR (Year of the Silent Tear)
Cormyr and Sembia wage a series of increasingly hot battles, which escalates into full-scale war. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1440 DR (Year of Azuth’s Woe)
After nearly two decades of non-aggression, Sembia marches a large mercenary army against the Dalelands at Archenbridge. BRJ
The Swords, cloaked autocrats that ruled Archendale were unmasked and found to be in Sembia’s pocket. Archendale staved off incorporation into Sembia only by becoming aware of the danger and making common cause with the free dales. FRCG 108
Branwyn Moonsinger, granddaughter to the late High Queen Alicia Kendrick, takes up the mantle of great druid Dragon #376 – Sarifal

1441 DR (Year of Resurrections Rampant)
Cormyr honors its alliance with the Dales, marching troops from Daerlun and Highcastle to besiege Saerb and Urmlaspyr. BRJ
Treaty of Griffonfang Bridge: Pressured on all sides, Sembia (with approval from its Netherese governors) agree to a cessation of hostilities with Cormyr, the Dalelands, and Cormanthor. The uneasy ceasefire endures to this day. Daerlun and Urmlaspyr gain their independence from both nations. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1442 DR (Year of Darkenbeasts)
King Foril carries the ensign of the Purple Dragon, which can only be carried by a blood Obarskyr, into battle. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1443 DR (Year of Silver Bell Tolling)
Sarifal and Imaskar exchange ambassadors, reaffirming their millennia old alliance. Embassies are established in each nation BRJ

1445 DR (Year of the Malachite Throne)
A golemwork clock called the Timehands is finished by a collaboration of Waterdhavian guilds and installed into the Lords’ Palace. FRCG 198, Downshadow

1446 DR (Year of the Queen’s Honor)
Deep gnolls are spotted hunting in the Northtrees March. It is unknown what menace drove the hahlorkh to the surface. BRJ

1449 DR (Year of the Godly Invitation)
Death of King Azoun V. Coronation of King Foril.Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1450 DR (Year of Holy Thunder)
The scorching desert of the Skyfire Wastes are frozen over for months while Auril sents her vassals to battle the genies and efreet of Calimshan. D#367 – Hall of the Frostmaiden
Calim and Memnon are sent back to their home planes by unknown means. Their lieutenants and foot soldiers remain in Calimshan, and continue a bloody war base don little more than opposing philosophies. FRCG 98

1451 DR (Year of Knowledge Unearthed)
Netheril makes diplomatic overtures to High Imaskar. The Mistress of the Night, a ship gifted by the Imaskari, is attacked by sea monsters on route to Sembia. The Netherese passengers flee, abandoning the Imaskari crew, and High Imaskar ends the diplomatic relations in retaliation. RPGA: CORE2-2 Rising the Dark

1453 DR (Year of the Strangled Jester)
Tai Shing, a Shou here who arose in Phsant and later became Suzerain of Thesk dies. FRCG 182
The minotaurs of Kond are swept away by the Warlock Knights. Dungeon #177 – Vaasa

1454 DR (Year of the Emerald Sun)
Crown prince Baerovus Obarskyr is born. Dragon #365 – Cormyr

1458 DR (year of the Plotting Priests)
Breeandra Nenthyn, owner of the Fall of Stars club passes away. The adopted twins, Kira and Dayan Nenthyn, inherit the club. Yellira Am’benuinyl becomes the new Mistress of Stars. RPGA: DALE1-1 The Prospect

1459 DR (year of the Forged Sigil)
Azalar Falconhand resigns his lordship of Shadowdale, passing the Pendant of Ashaba to young shieldmaiden Addee Ulphor. BRJ, RPGA:DALE1-4 The Lady in Flames, FRCG 112
Queen Brianne Dragonsbane of Bloodstone is assassinated. This distracts the realm of Bloodstone from the marshalling Vaasan armies in the north. Dungeon #177 – Vaasa

1460 DR (Year of the Malachite Shadows)
Princess Raedra Obarskyr is born. Dragon 365 – Cormyr
War erupts between the realms of Bloodstone and Vaasa. Dungeon #177 – Vaasa

1464 DR (Year of the Six-Armed Elf)
The Waterdhavian archmage Ashemmon (formerly of Rhymanthiin) dies, passing the mantle of Blackstaff to Samark Dhanzscul Blackstaff Tower 243, BRJ

1469 DR (Year of Thundering Hosts)
The Children’s Massacre occurs in Tethyr, with the slaying of all Queen Anais’ nieces and nephews, with the exception of Ysabel Linden. The queen’s half-sister Evonne Linden, who made a play for the throne, is killed the same night in a coordinated attack in another town. FRCG 178
Bloodstone City, capital of the unified Kingdom of Bloodstone, is overrun by Vaasa, ending the war. Dungeon #177 – Vaasa

1470 DR (Year of the Second Circle)
Borigon, third son of famed Garumbelly “Grumble” Hillsafar, Borigon claimed his father’s throne Dungeon #177 – Vaasa

1475 DR (Year of the Final Stand)
Draeven rapparees claim credit for the fiery destruction of Dauntinghorn Manor in Teziir. BRJ

1478 DR (Year of the Dark Circle)
The Black Robes, a quorum of city judges in Waterdeep, welcomes the tiefling Kylynne Silmerhelve into their ranks. BRJ
Shadow creatures start appearing at random places in eastern Cormanthor RPGA:DALE1-2 Blades for Daggerdale

1479 DR (Year of the Ageless One)
Vajra Safahr becomes Blackstaff Blackstaff Tower

1482 DR (Year of the Narthex Murders)
The events of Murder in Baldur’s Gate

1486 DR (The Year of the Nether Mountain Scrolls)
The events of Legacy of the Crystal Shard
Demogorgon is summoned to the Underdark
Helm resumes his position among the gods
The Great Rain falls for several months, slowly refilling the Sea of Fallen Stars which revitalizes former port cities as well as the island of Ilighon.
Earthmotes begin to fall from the sky.
King Connerad Brawnanvil officially steps down from the throne of Mithral Hall to become Bruenor Battlehammer’s General in his march on Gauntlgrym. Having declared his General Dagnabbet as his heir the previous year, Dagnabbet becomes the first Queen of Mithral Hall.
King Foril Obarskyr dies in his sleep.
King Irvil Obarskyr dies
Crown prince Baerovus Obarskyr abdicates the throne in favor of his sister Raedra Obarskyr, who is officially crowned a tenday later.

1487 DR (Year of the Rune Lords Triumphant)
Abeir begins to re-separate from Toril in the spring, heralding volcanic eruptions and earthquakes. The process is completed by the fall.
Rumors abound about that chasms created by the Spellplague are disappearing.
People and lands thought lost during the Spellplague begin to reappear.
The Second Sundering ends.
Many gods return.
The winter of this year is longer then any other recorded in the Realms.
Shar chooses Telamont Tanthul to be her new Chosen.
The flying city of Shade moves directly against Myth Drannor. Telamont Tanthul drains the energies of Myth Drannor’s mythal in order to turn the new Weave into a Shadow Weave for his mistress. Larloch strikes against the elves in the confusion and the Srinshee appears to defend them. Shade eventually crashes into Myth Drannor but a hastily erected ward protects the Tree of Souls from the impact.

1488 DR (Year of Dwarvenkind Reborn)
Anivar Daoran, Lord Protector of Phlan, dies in what appears to be a construction accident. Ector Brahms, Knight-Commander of the Black Fist, is appointed Lord Regent of the Cinnabar Throne. The city soon descends into anarchy, and Brahms declares martial law.
Faithful prayers to the gods for understanding and mercy appear to go unheard.
The gods seem to only send messages through their Chosen.
The solstices and equinoxes do not align correctly.
What remains of the Netherese battle the Bedine for control of Anauroch.
A battle between the Netherese and Bedine upon the Memory Spire (an ancient Phaerimm tomb) awakens dormant Phaerimm.
Anauroch is magically drained by newly awakened Phaerimm, again reducing it to a desert.
The Alliance of Luruar begins to fall apart.
Sembia is now free of the Netherese, and its city states form a tentative alliance with each other to restore their nation’s sovereignty.
Aside from a handful of minor settlements throughout Faerûn, the Netherese empire is no longer a regional power.

1489 DR (The Year of the Warrior Princess)
The events of Tyranny of Dragons
A variety of new priesthoods spring up across the Realms to discern the will of the gods in the wake of the Second Sundering.
The Harpers form a pact with the fey of Kryptgarden forest serving King Witchthorn, an Unseelie lord.
The Green Dragon Mask is recovered from the lair of Claugiyliamatar in Kryptgarden Forest. Old Gnawbone herself was injured while blows were struck against Thay, the Cult of the Dragon and the Zartruss hobgoblin clan.

1490 DR (The Year of the Star Walker’s Return)
The events of Storm King’s Thunder

1491 DR (Year of the Scarlet Witch)
The events of Elemental Evil
The Blackstaff of Waterdeep, Vajra Safahr seeks the meaning of the current year’s name.
The returned Eilistraee is seen dancing with, and speaking to, mortals up and down the Sword Coast. In particular, she appears under the walls of Waterdeep, leading many of her followers there. Death Masks
Many deities no longer grant resurrection spells, except for rare exceptions. Death Masks
Mystra imposes heavy restrictions on the use of mind-reading and mind-reaming magic, especially when used on other spellcasters. Death Masks

1492 DR (The Year of Three Ships Sailing)

Grand History of the Realms

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