A Beacon in the Heartlands

Once an independent city, Elturel now serves as the capital of Elturgard and seat of the realm’s theocracy.


A shining orb known as Amaunator’s Gift hung over the city although it was unknown if this was truly a blessing of Amaunator. Sometimes referred to as a second sun, the orb produced light that was painful to undead, and could be seen from virtually anywhere within Elturgard.


The city was ruled by the High Overseer of Torm who made certain that the city was run efficiently and that the area surrounding the city remained safe. The theocracy of Elturgard consisted of a combination of worshippers of Aumaunator and Torm. Elturgard often found itself in battle—protecting either Cormyr to the east or the Heartlands as a whole from drow, Zhent, and Netherese machinations.


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