Cult of the Dragon


Ancient History

The Cult of the Dragon, also known as Keepers of the Secret Hoard or Wearers of Purple, was a semi-religious evil organization venerating undead dragons, or dracoliches, founded by Sammaster, a powerful wizard. Sammaster possessed great power, in a manner similar to Elminster and Khelben “Blackstaff” Arunsun. In Sammaster’s case however, the additional power brought delusions of godhood and madness, and he came to believe in time that “dead dragons shall rule the world entirely” and began to work toward that goal, fighting the several Chosen of Mystra and even the god Lathander along the way. While Sammaster has died, risen as a lich, and fallen again, his cult lived on, and continued to threaten the Western Heartlands.

The Cult of the Dragon venerated dragons, evil dragons in particular, and specifically dead evil dragons. They reanimated the gargantuan corpses as powerful and fell dracoliches. The Cult acted as an information network for its draconian “masters”, brought gems and riches as offerings, and encouraged evil dragons to become dracoliches. Their belief was that dracoliches were destined to one day rule Faerûn and beyond. They could become inhabited by objects which were created in their image especially with the image of the skull.

Recent Past

After Sammaster’s destruction in the late 14th century, the cult had no true leader, although, as of the year of the Ageless One (1479 DR) it revered Anabraxis The Black Talon as its ultimate authority. The cult was organized into semi-autonomous cells, each led by one or more “Wearers of Purple”.


During the Sundering, Severin rose to prominence within the cult. With the help of allies in the Red Wizards of Thay and elsewhere, he led the remnants of the cult from a crumbling infrastructure playing with bones to a world power actively recruiting living chromatic dragons, recovering the Dragon Masks, and initiating a plan to release Tiamat from the Nine Hells and bring her back to Toril to reign over all dragonkind, thus bringing about the Tyranny of Dragons.

Cult of the Dragon

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