• Langdedrosa Cyanwrath

    After a successful raid on the town of Greenest, he challenged the people to send forth a champion to face him in single combat. If the defenders of Greenest refused, he would take the lives of 4 villagers. The challenge was immediately taken up by [[: …

  • Frulam Mondath

    Survivors from the raid on Greenest say they saw a woman dressed all in purple shouting out commands to the others. It was Mondath who led the attack on Greenest, stealing its valuables and bringing them to the hatchery. Mondath was slain by the …

  • Rezmir

    You learned during your infiltration of the hatchery that Rezmir was one of the leaders at the raiding camp. During the battle of skyreach castle she was slain, but not before being interrogated with magical means. [[What Rezmir knows | What Rezmir knows]]