The Maimed Virulence


Male Adult Green Dragon


Vorgansharax is a green dragon on the older end of adulthood whose massive size is overshadowed only by his even more massive ego. Despite grievous injury as a wyrmling sustained at the hands of a bronze dragon that left him with a tattered and maimed right wing, Vorgansharax cuts quite an imposing figure. He is large of build and terrifyingly strong; far more so than other dragons of his age. Coupled with his injuries, his sheer size has made him a rather clumsy flier, but monstrously destructive on the ground.

Vorgansharax is the offspring of the ancient green dragon Claugiyliamatar, who rules Kryptgarden Forest far to the west. As vengeance for the factions’ involvement in her forest, she has lent (sold, more like) Vorgansharax’s aid to the Cult of the Dragon, who has sent him to Phlan to secure the Pool of Radiance and return it to its former power.

Vorgansharax has a large contingent of kobolds, dragonborn, and half-dragons that are fiercely loyal to him, many of which are powerful arcane magic-users in their own right.


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