The Red Dragon Whisperer


Male Calishite Human


Severin is a visionary who brought the cult new life and new ambitions of dragon domination, but he’s young and prone to underestimate his enemies . . . or fail to see enemies posing as friends.

Severin is the young, visionary leader of the Cult of the Dragon and the steward of the Red Dragon Mask. When he was a young cult member, he decided that if he really wanted to know the nature of dragons, he must find one and talk to it. He doesn’t believe that raising dead dragons teaches the cult enough about draconic nature. He sought out a red dragon and managed to make a connection with it—a connection that continues. The dragon saw something interesting about the young man and decided to let him live. For Severin’s efforts, Tiamat gifted him with a “grain of sand,” a scrap of knowledge about the existence of the ancient dragon masks. Lesser men might have done nothing with the knowledge, but Severin has been relentless in tracking down the masks. It has taken years to find them all.

Finding the masks shifts the power dynamic in the cult. Each time a new mask is found, Severin gives it to a key figure or ally—talented people that can help ensure his leadership. While there are still cult members who refuse to follow Severin or buy into his ideology, by this point most of the cult has switched its focus from raising dracoliches to raising Tiamat and creating a dragon civilization.


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