Naerexis Direborn

green dragonborn fighter/cleric


The Jade Nightmare

Gender: Male
Race: Green Dragonborn
Class: Fighter/Cleric
Alignment: Neutral
Background: Pirate



Naerexis’s past is one he wishes he could forget. As a youth he embraced his dark heritage and became a feared pirate and slave-trader around the Sea of Fallen Stars. He was nearly slain many times, and still bears a scar marking him as a slaver from an ill-fated expedition to the Dalelands. One evening, while sailing into the Moonsea his ship was set upon by several others who had recognized his vessel for what it was. His ship was set aflame and he was cast overboard, bound with ropes and wearing his finest suit of mail. As he sank below the waves he knew his time had come, and surrendered himself to his fate, a fate he realized he was due in the face of his unrelenting cruelty for years. He was shocked to find himself waking in the warm sand, completely bereft of any possessions, save for a spiral shell clenched tightly in his fist. He took this as a sign that the Merfolk god Eadro (whose symbol was the very same shell) had seen fit to give him one final chance to redeem himself. He swore that as soon as he was able he would take up the faith and follow Eadro. The experience, while redirecting his life path, did little to impede to ego that convinced him he was invincible as a pirate, and has only heightened his zeal, especially for a good fight.

Naerexis Direborn

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