Dagult Neverember

Lord Protector of Neverwinter


Male Human Noble


Dagult was described as a lion of a man and had a quick temper. He seemed to care as much about making money as he did about Waterdeep’s welfare. He held a dislike of demihumans.


He was the father of Renaer Neverember and the heir of Nasher. Dagult conspired with Khondar Naomal, although it was unlikely he was aware of the full extent of Khondar’s plans to establish wizards as the rulers of Waterdeep.

Former Open Lord of Waterdeep, He also acted as the Lord Protector of Neverwinter spending half of his time in the ruins of the former Jewel of the North, and half at home in Waterdeep.

In 1489 DR, during the Tyranny of Dragons, Neverember was replaced as Open Lord of Waterdeep by Laeral Silverhand; however, he retained his status in Neverwinter.

Dagult Neverember

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